This page is a heavy work in process

I wanted to get this started in short time, but it is my intention to make this site my new foundation for keeping up with me (because I've never had what I feel like is a real healthy implementation of that, and I'm finally really ready to minimize Discord in my life), including a paintings gallery, general updates on what I'm up to and how I'm doing, and contact info! But until I write those pages, I will mostly leave thorough contact info on this lil page.

my names, to search for or call me

  • spidyjuice - I have a recently gained preference for all lowercase letters, but I have accounts with various capitalization schemes
  • Madeline - or Maddie
  • Laika

Instant messaging:

  • matrix:
  • matrix: (a seperate account I use on my windows machine)
  • discord: spidyjuice#4945
  • telegram: @spidyjuice


web social media, cursed demon AI flesh, and mass art repositories that I'm sometimes asked for:

my rfck art projects:, I accept donations, I've been taken care of by loved ones in these hard times but I'm not well off or stable

  • some stickers, and other merchandise designs that I've put out there in the past that are available for purchase
  • I will keep trying to continue living, expressing myself, and doing what's right and finding out what's right. Thank you for caring, please take care.